Sexiest Boots on Earth?

thigh boots sexy heelsAre these black thigh boots the sexiest boots on Earth? I'll let you decide, but I think they're a strong contender. I know I'm getting a melty feeling in my upper thighs just looking at them and that I'm considering that career in bank robbery again. The stiletto heel is exquisite, and the way the toe tapers just accentuates the spike. These boots also fit the model perfectly, which is part of what makes them so hot. There's no bunching at the back of the heel, or gapping at the top of the thigh. Perfect tailoring is sexy, no matter the garment.

I had to crop this photo because the rest of it included a completely nude Russian chick with a smoking bod and a machine gun. I can't publish the image on this blog, but I can say the words, "nude Russian," so I AM.

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  1. If they aren't the sexiest boots on Earth, they are definitely in the top five.

  2. Guys are so easily amused. Why's it so hot that one woman acknowledges another woman (nude or otherwise, although naked doesn't hurt) as a smokin' hot chick?

    I'd be glad to post the full picture. . . !

    I wouldn't argue with any woman wearing them, but I prefer a bit looser fit about the calves and thighs, and especially like those where the tops fold over. Sorry, I don't know what that's called.

  3. I'm glad you like them, too, Janus. I think they're maybe Top 3, even. :)

  4. Jamie-Lin if you can think of a way to get me your email address (are you on Facebook) without exposing it here, then I will send you the full photo and you can post it. That would be awesome. :-)

    I don't know what the fold-over top is called either. I'm sure there's an official name, but I think if we tried to use it in public we'd look like dorks, anyway.

  5. really sexy boots love them!!

  6. Boots and stockings -- a heavenly combination.

  7. Boots and stockings together, and all the possible combinations, make my heart flutter thinking about sexy!! I absolutely love this new fashion trend


  8. Certainly they are very attractive, but probably not the most practical for walking around in...

    The heel and arch is certainly in perfect proportion...

  9. Stocking Vixen,

    How sweet of you suggesting that my dorkiness might be further enhanced by knowing the name of a particular boot style.

    Actually, I hoped you might drop the URL off when you stopped by to finish your comment about links, comments, explicit and non-explicit blogs, anonymity, etc.

    (Warning! Although not in the particular post referenced, my blog contains explicit content!)

    I think there's an e-mail address in my profile. No? Maybe I should check that.


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