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As I said earlier this week when I was giving a sneak peek of this post, one absolutely fabulous and very generous Stocking Vixen reader in Texas attended the Britney Spears, The Circus show on March 31st in Dallas and took his camera with him specifically to take photos for all of us, knowing that Britney and her opening act, The Pussycat Dolls, would not disappoint when it came to showing off their legs, wearing awesome heels and looking red hottentot in pantyhose and stockings.

Based on his stunning photographs, he was absolutely right. Every image above is a preview image and, when clicked upon will open into a much higher-quality image that's so good you can see the lines in the fishnets.

There's a lot going on in the hosiery department, so let's take a look.
  • Four of the five dolls are wearing visible hosiery and they all have on fishnets of some kind. Though it's not clear in the preview images, both Dolls in stockings are wearing nude fishnets layered under their thigh highs. (It looks especially awesome in the higher-resolution photo of Kimberly doing the splits up the pole).
  • The two Dolls in pantyhose without stockings seem on first glance to be wearing almost identical sequined fishnets, but a closer look reveals that brunette, Melody's pair has backseams and a denser allotment of bling than blonde, Ashley's.
  • The red-haired Doll, Jessica, is wearing black, sequined fishnet stockings over fishnets. This is just about enough to cause an explosion in my tiny little fishnet-loving brain. Fishnets OVER fishnets? Now I can die.
  • Kimberly's black opaque thigh highs seem to be working a little bit of the "am I a sock or am I stocking?" angle, which makes sense, given the sportiness of the rest of her look. What fascinates me most about these socks is that they are toeless, because her bare little toes peek out from her peep-toe boots. It's also possible that she's wearing a stirrup sock or a leg warmer. I would love to know.
  • I wonder if Nicole was sad that she didn't get any fancy hosiery or if she comforts herself with the thought that she's the lead singer.
The Pussycat Dolls didn't do any costume changes during their show, but I think their hosiery was very creative and their costumer deserves a pat on the back for the choices and combinations. I also love it that the black boots are so tight that they seem to evoke latex in some cases.

I'm thrilled and grateful to be able to share these superb photos and have seen a couple from the Britney portion of the show already that are just spectacular. For now, please enjoy these wonderful shots and keep your eyes open for the next set of photos some time this week, I hope.

Photos of the Britney portion of the show are up now and they are amazing. Hooray!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, K.

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  1. Spectacular photos!

    If someone made the redhead's outfit (the horizontal stripes) in an everyday version, I'd buy it. I love that style.

  2. I even think the heart on the buns is a good idea. She has a flat butt and I am similarly afflicted and the heart makes her rear look fuller.

    I may be desperate.

    I'm glad you like the photos. I think they're incredible and can't get over the generosity!


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