Stocking Vixen Interviewed

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by the nice people at Club Double D as part of their "Six Questions" feature. You can take a perusal if you'd like to read the story of how I almost lost my panties at the supermarket.

In other news of me rambling around the Internet without a leash, my dear blogging friend Treacle is in the middle of a move to Seattle and has invited several of her fellow stocking-lovers, including me, to guest blog at Stockings Addict this week. I posted about my favorite garter belt (which is now on sale, btw, and a great buy) and another post about the five most important things I've learned from reading Stockings Addict. It's a very well-written, informative blog and I truly have picked up some very useful tidbits over there. I feel very confident that anyone who enjoys reading Stocking Vixen would really like Treacle's blog, as well, so please hop on over and say hi.

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  1. Thanks a lot, I can't get the "leash" reference out of my head...and by the way, whatafrackinghotphoto! -- is that anyone we know?

  2. Losing your panties at the supermarket--sounds like an Art Frahm pinup subject!


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