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ballet sockMy friend Nick Danger over at Fool For Your Stockings wrote today about his long-running curiosity about what Stevie Nicks might have been wearing all these years under her long, flowing skirts and boots, and posted a link to Gypsy Moon, a store in Boston that specializes in soft, romantic, feminine clothing, very much like what Ms. Nicks has worn all these years. If you like Steampunk or Edwardian-styles, or petticoats, then hustle your bustle on over to that site, because you may never need to find another place to shop again. The selection is excellent for that type of thing.

footless socksWhile their hosiery selection isn't extensive, I did find a couple of interesting things. The pair of footless over-the-knee stockings, above which they say are meant to be worn over tights or against your skin. I'd consider buying a pair if they weren't charging a fairly nutty $48/pair. I am, however, not above cutting the feet and thighs off an existing pair of tights to find out what happens. As, I've said in this blog before, the fabric doesn't run when you cut across a pair of tights, so there's no reason not to experiment before shelling out.

lace ballet socksThese ballet socks by Delphine Murat really set my stocking button a-tingle. I must have these on my feet this spring. However, once again, they are charging $48 a pair. When the construction is basically a shoe liner like this one by Hue, that sells for $5 at Amazon (and I bought some at Macys the other day for 3/$12) and a yard or so of ribbon it is, once again, a little tough for me to justify the expense. The ribbon could easily be hand-sewn onto the liner in about five minutes. Using Stitch Witchery or some similar product, it would take even less time. I think I will definitely try to make myself a few pairs of these and see how tough it is. I'm betting it's not even close to fifty bucks worth of tough.

If you like lacy or girly thing, the store is definitely worth checking out, even if only to gain inspiration. They have a large selection of some fairly unique things and the site, itself is very well-designed. Thanks for the tip, Nick!

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  1. Strangely beguiling.
    (Though pointy shoes are the devils work)

  2. I know exactly what you mean about strangely beguiling. I felt weak in the knees when I saw the socks, had to have them, then spent a long time looking at them thinking, "You are a little strange, why do I love you so? But I must have you."

    I used to think pointy shoes were the devil's work, too, but I have managed to find a pair or two in the last year that are comfortable. It took a lot of trying, though.

  3. If pointy shoes are indeed the devil's work, then I must be supporting the wrong candidate today.

  4. I have actually said this before somewhere else in cyberspace, but I suspect that Satan is quite sartorially resplendent.

  5. The second pair of socks you're wearing (the ones without the lace) are surprisingly nice.

    It helps to see how these sorts of things look on a real person, especially since I'd never considered lace up ankle socks before.

  6. I'd recommend adding picture number three to "Me And My Hosiery." It has a little something for everyone.

  7. Okay, but Nick and Treacle, those are the photos from the website, not photos of me. I do like that sofa, though. :-) There's no way I would pay $96 for two pairs of novelty socks.

    You know what I did see that was interesting, too, when I was shopping the other day, was lace-down capri leggings by Hue. I don't know if I'd ever wear them, but they qualify as "interesting," at least.

  8. Here is a site that you may be interested in Lisa,
    it is a wonderful small store in the Haight Ashbury part of San Fran...

    They have some wonderful vintage and new items there...


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