Spick Magazine Complete Issue, June 1967, No 163

Spick Magazine
Span magazine

Spick Magazine was one of the most successful British pin up magazine of the 60's, and a few weeks ago, a very sweet Stocking Vixen reader, Gerard in the Netherlands gave us some scans he had made from his collection so we could all enjoy some of the photos in his collection. He has since gone even further in his generosity and taken the time to scan the entire June, 1967 issue of Spick and provide it to me. It is so incredibly delightful I had to find a way to share it all with you, so have embedded it as a pdf/flash movie above. It won't work in some mobile browsers, which is why I've also included the two photos above, but the entire magazine is available for reading for anyone who clicks on the third image or on this link.

I have really been enjoying reading this magazine and having a chance to view the perspective of leg-lovers in the late 60's. I suspect most people reading it will find something to enjoy, whether vintage clothing lovers, or students of the leg. There's a great letter on page 20 from J. McCartney in Toronto who says, in part, "I am beginning to like very much the features you run on the mini-skirted girls of your country. I think they confirm all that we read and hear about the swinging scene over there and I only wish I could have a five-year holiday and spend it all with you." It stands in charming contrast to what many count as titillating today.

Once again, Gerard, I can't thank you enough, for this or the other magazines you have given me.


  1. Thanks to you and Gerard for making this available, SV - SO much more erotic than most of what's out there today. True amateurs in most cases; hard to imagine them as moms with grandkids now, but I'll bet a few are still MILF-y!

  2. I noticed that one of the pages mentioned a Rona Newton-John. Any relation to Olivia?

  3. Hi Stocking Vixen, interesting bout Rona and Olivia, I am a huge Olivia fan. I have to agree with you about stockings, but stockings without high heels are a waste.... love your blog, very sexy.

  4. Thanks, Colin. I can think of a certain fan of ballet flats who might disagree with you, but I tend to enjoy heels and stockings as a pair, myself.


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