Plus-size Pinup in Stockings

a sexy woman wearing lingerie in the bathtub
I've been on a quest to find sexy, artistic photographs of plus-sized women in stockings since I first started this blog and it is ridiculously difficult to find great photos. It's even harder to find shots of extra-curvy pinup girls. This shot of model Hanna Oxford that I ran across on Tumblr is awesome. I've been curious about wet nylon for a while, so the photo plays on my own desire to get into the tub (even though she's wearing fishnets) and I just love her outfit, down to her tiara.

It's a great, fun, sassy, relaxed pose, though I can't help but notice she's doing the smart thing and keeping those pretty boots out of the water.



  1. There's water in the tub? I didn't notice.

  2. veyr cool pose, how can I get her in my tub???


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