Back to the Future With 80's Pantyhose

We're not going to discuss how it feels to hear clothing from my early teens referred to as "vintage," but the highly enjoyable blog, Couture Allure Vintage Fashion, has posted about the similarities between hosiery shown for Fall 2009 and legwear from the Decade of Greed. The ones above remind me of the infamous $900 Rodarte leggings (this link goes to some ideas for avoiding paying that much).

Designers brought us all kinds of patterned hosiery on the runways for Fall 2009. From textured tights with ribbing and stripes to lace and fishnets to florals and polka dots, it seems solid color stockings and tights are outré this season. But my dears, once more, what's old is new again. May I present patterned hosiery from Fall 1984.

There are three more images over at Couture Allure and, like many people, I remember owning several pairs of polka-dotted pantyhose like the ones she shows on her blog. Feeling nostalgic, I bought a pair of nude on nude polka-dotted hose earlier this year and ended up looking as though I had a skin condition. I think the ones in the 80's worked well because of contrast, as well as color. I'll remember that when I shop this fall.



  1. Let's hope that this will bring back the idea that wearing stockings is sexy.

  2. From your fingers to the God of Legs ears. :)

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