Dita In Nylon and Rope Marks Helps Me Announce a Small Change

I mentioned recently that for the next few months, I will be going lighter on the text and heavier on the photography here at Stocking Vixen, because of work I'm doing on another nylon project (which I hope you guys will love). The poll I took at the time showed overwhelming support for the idea of lots more photos, with about half of you admitting that you mostly come here for the pretty ladies in the first place. The other half of you were supportive of me posting more photos short-term as long as I got back to regular Stocking Vixenry when I was free again.

So, for now, look for far more frequent posts, fewer words, and lots of gorgeous, intriguing, artistic and stimulating photos of lingerie and hosiery. I've got Dita tied up and ready to pose for us. This is a high-quality image, so give it a click to see the full-sized view. (Thanks to the beautiful Dahlia Delis for sharing this image from her collection, which she has let us know is from Jim Weathers Bondage Cafe, which is very definitely a site for grown ups.)



  1. oh God i am drooling,this is from Jim Weathers Bondage Cafe fetish site,he does high class bondage lets put it that way,i think pretty much all his girls wear stockings or corsets or some type of awesome outfit and his style is superb,and Dita oh well you know she is my muse,so flawless a Goddess.
    i have more of her,have to look all those up in this messy computer.



  2. Love your blog as is Lisa, while certainly the photos that you post of other ladies are amazing, the primary interest of being here is to read what you are doing and your wonderful passion for retro and quality hosiery and clothing...Please keep your personal side in the blog, for that I am extremely grateful.
    It is so refreshing to have a beautiful woman, who has a interest in hosiery and other forms of fashion. When the majority of women today only want to wear pants/jeans and flip flops you bring a ray of light to all of us...
    Thanks again,

  3. CF, I will absolutely keep myself in the blog and will absolutely keep you in the know as to what I'm wearing. In fact, I have a large package from Stockings HQ to document this week and I'll be sure to keep that as a priority. Thank you for being so supportive. Trust me, I'm not going anywhere, and my hope is that this new project I'm working on will actually let me play even more.

  4. Good to hear Lisa...

    Thanks again for your great blogs...

  5. This photo above was my inspiration for latest photoshoot.


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