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This is very much a chicken or the egg set of photos for me. I first saw the shot with the pantyhose a couple of months ago and fell in love with them, but then recently saw the photo with the drawn or tattooed-on backseam that seemed inspired by the pantyhose design. Now I've fallen to pondering whether the pantyhose exists at all, or whether it's a tattoo under a pair of navy hose. What do you guys think? Tattoo under hose or 100% hosiery? Make your case in the comments section and save me from going in circles please.

While you're pondering, if you'd take a moment to answer my poll question at right, I'd be very grateful, as well. Thanks!



  1. I think the first photo of the stockings came first, and the second was drawn on.

    I'm basing that opinion primarily on the fact that the first photo circled the internets much sooner than the second

  2. Thank you for not calling me Crazylady.

  3. They were made by Wolfords originally; one of the latex companies has also made a similar design in latex (I saw Kumi Monster in them a while back).

    So the first pair is definitely the tights; the second pic I would have thought was drawn on based on the tights, but I think they did do them in nude/black so perhaps its just a pic where you ccan't see the detail?

  4. First pair is definitely the tights. The second photo looks very much as though they've been drawn on... I could swear I've also seen the full (second) photo at some point without the detail drawn on, but I am prepared to be proven wrong...

  5. I love tattoos under hosiery! It looks sexy.

  6. These days... Probably both photoshopped. Nothing is real anymore!

  7. I really can't tell from looking at the photo, but I would lean toward it being on the pantyhose, and not a tattoo.

    Incidentally, I have seen a woman who had the backseam tattoos on her legs. It might have looked sexy if she had been wearing some form of stockings, but with bare legs . . . it doesn't.

  8. Hi Vixen,

    I wouldn't like to say who is copying who in these pix. They are both similar but not the same, look closely at the fingers on each and also the lines go much further up to the bum cheeks on the second pic. I am convinced they are both drawn on but which pic came first?? that is a question :-)

  9. Thank you everyone for weighing in on this issue. Thanks especially to Catherine for nailing down that the tights come from Wolford (which I should have thought to check!) I agree with everyone that the second image has drawn-on lines, though am intrigued by they thought they could be nude hose. I think it's probable that it's a drawing or OY! even photoshop as Eric and My Sexual Sense suggested.

    Thanks so much for helping solve the puzzle, everyone and thanks to those who answered the poll in the sidebar, as well!


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