Stockings in the Boardroom. Should Someone Call HR?

a woman wearing stockings, panties and a bra stands on conference room table in an office and touches the ceiling

I'm fairly certain that OSHA might have something to say about Darenzia in lingerie on the table doing things to the acoustical tile, but I'm glad they didn't get there before this wonderful photo was taken.

The sweetest, most adorable pinup ever, Dahlia Delis, whom I've featured in Stocking Vixen before and has started a lovely new blog about the things that inspire her, will be programming some images for us all this week. She has sent me some fantabulous ones from her personal collection. She's a big enthusiast for collecting photography and she has sent me some wonderful shots that I'm looking forward to sharing this week. Thank you Dahlia!



  1. HR is on vacation this week. Send Darienza to my office - I'll handle this matter personally.

  2. Hrmmm...I know I've seen that lingerie set before. AP maybe?

    You know what else I'm discovering? I much prefer the look of fully fashioned nylons over faux backseams. The seam just looks incomplete without that nice little finishing loop.

  3. Wow, now that is a very hot pose...Incredible...

  4. yeah!!! you are welcome Lisa! this has to be my favorite shot of Darenzia ever,it was shot by Alejandra Guerrero,look that one up,she is an awesome erotic photographer here in L.A.
    i will post the link to this artist later on my blog,have to look for it,my computer is a mess,cant find anything!,time to delete some pictures i guess but i can't,i need help!


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