Red Stockings and Dahlia Delis' New Blog

Now that I have your attention, the lovely Dahlia Delis has commenced blogging. She's such an adorable girl and a true lover of stockings and vintage style (not to mention a fave pinup of many a lad and lass who reads my blog) so hop on over and take a look, won't you?


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  1. oh girl what a surprise! thanks so much! and that picture is so great,i want those red lusty things on me pronto!!,i have cute stockings pictures to send you,not of me but just some in general that i found,my blog is going to have everything but that so i can send you and Nick Danger some sexiness while i look for other stuff in my computer,i be blogging about style,icons,vintage,history,fashion in general,and maybe a hint or two about my personal life once in a while,but is dedicated to all things beautiful or things that inspire me,so thanks for posting this link!!


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