Please Help James Lillis!

James Lillis, of Black Milk Clothing, needs your help! You see, he lives in Brisbane, and, in a new bid to become a leading fashion capital, the city is holding a contest for local labels. The prize? A shop in the middle of the city rent free for six months. You don't have to be a businessperson or a fashion designer to know what a huge deal this is. Please support James by voting for his shop here. ---from Stockings Addict
I've made no secret of how much I love the work of up-and-coming (and I do mean on the RISE) legwear designer, James Lillis and I would be incredibly happy to see him become world-famous and lauded for his wonderfully creative leg decorations. If reading Stocking Vixen has ever provided you with a little entertainment and you have a moment to spare, I would be personally grateful if you'd read what my dear friend, Treacle has written above and take a trip over to give James a hand on his road to success. The man works hard and hand-sews every single pair of leggings himself. He is an evangelist for awesome legwear and helping him means more hot legs in hot leggings. It's win/win for the world. He truly deserves this shop and is running #18 in the contest at the moment, so those of us that really value his type of work need to give him a boost. Please consider tweeting or posting on Facebook to give James a hand, as well. Again, I truly think he deserves it and would be thrilled to see him win.


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