Megan Fox in Stockings, Pantyhose and a Trenchcoat

Stockings and a trenchcoat

Sexy photo of black knee socks

Megan Fox wears a VERY pretty pair of pantyhose

Megan in her Jonah Hex costume with stockings

People come here all the time looking for shots of Megan in pantyhose or stockings, it's one of the most common searches that lead people to Stocking Vixen, but until now the site has been an MF-free Zone. I'm rectifying that right now, with these photos, mostly gathered from Fuck Yeah, Megan Fox. Let it not be said that I don't care about my lovely readers. I would commit several major crimes to get my mitts on a pair of the patterned pantyhose she's wearing in the third photo. I think they're Wolford, so my mitts will be very cold and there will be a red guy poking me with a fork before I get any, sadly.
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