Ribbon Socks, Ballet Flats and Heels

My friend, Nick Danger, who writes the very wonderful blog, Fool for Your Stockings, has "issues" with ballet flats and I've been promising him for a while I'd post a photo with a pair. Earlier, I told him I'd definitely post one today and, since it's 11:31 on the East Coast, I'm posting this photo of a pair with lacy socks to keep my word. There are more photos coming tonight, but I wanted to keep my promise.

(Edited to add a few more shots and will write more in the morning about these socks and how they have rendered my former evil schemes to make my own ribbon socks moot.)


  1. Ooh!

    Are those the Hue lace-ups from Nordstrom's?

    If so, I have that exact pair. Haven't worn them yet though.

  2. OH MY GOD :O These socks and ballet flats are amazing !! I totally love them !! :D Thank you for the wonderful pictures ! :)

  3. Woke up at 3:15AM EST, checked Twitter on my iTouch, and was UP all night, as my friend Rhonda Shear is so fond of saying...think I need to go back to bed now

  4. You just love to tease Nick, don't you?

  5. I bloody love that lace- where did you get them?

  6. Looks great, especially with your heels...

  7. I have came from Nick's blog. Thank you for arousal pictures.

  8. Must echo what everyone said above. Love the lace tops!

  9. @Janus, yeah, I really do enjoy Nick. He's such a gentleman about the whole thing that he makes it fun to make him happy.

    @Circe, they're from Nordys. I snagged the pair off the mannequin, though I'm sure more could be found.

    Thanks everyone else for the kind words. I think they're really groovy!

  10. ooh la la
    can be worn out at night very sexy


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