Bettie Page Playing Cards by Olivia

I wrote recently about my trip to Las Vegas and my visit to the Bettie Page Clothing Store while I was there. While I mostly admired what was on offer, I couldn't leave without making at least one small purchase and ended up buying a gorgeous pack of Bettie Page Playing Cards featuring art by the beloved pin up artist, Olivia.

One of the reasons I bought them is not just because the images are beautiful, as I'm sure is evident from the examples I've posted here, nor because I love playing cards and the idea of taking everyone's money in poker with Bettie's assistance appealed to me, but because the store had a selection of the cards displayed in a really beautiful frame with black matting and they really looked fantastic presented that way. I'm still undecided as to whether I'll play with them or frame them. Olivia's site is selling them for close to half what they were being sold for at the brick and mortar store, so I'll probably just pick up another set so I don't have to decide.


  1. I think the latex mermaid is my favorite.

  2. Olivia is a master illustrator, in the tradition of Vargas and Elvgren.
    And she's still very much in the present tense!

  3. Queen Of Hearts ranks high..:)

  4. There is only one thing I can say about the king of spaces -- Hellooooooo, Nurse!

  5. Nice, love the cards, very playful ;)

  6. What's awesome about these cards, besides their general awesomeness is that I think she adresses about 30 different fetishes with the illustrations. (No surprise, Treacle, the latex mermaid is my fave, too.)

  7. nice prints!

    these will serve as a good inspiration for my graphic design class.


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