Rago Garter Girdle

Retro lingerie is a big new fascination of mine and I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the sexiness of girdles and we both agreed that Rago makes some of the sexiest, classic styles. I've been traveling a bit lately, as well as buying tons of hosiery and have to watch my shopping, but a six or eight strap garter girdle has been toward the top of my wishlist for a while. I thought it might be a little while before I actually bought one, though I have found myself perusing the selection at Dollhouse Bettie and StockingsHQ and daydreaming quite a bit.

Imagine my delight when I found that I had won a $50 Dollhouse Bettie gift certificate in The Panty Drawer's latest giveaway, and could just skip the waiting and go ahead and buy the Rago open-bottom girdle I'd been lusting after, guilt-free. There was squealing. I admit it.

This will be the first time I've used anything but a garter belt to hold up stockings and I am really looking forward to trying it. One thing I love about garter belts is the feeling of the straps when I walk and I think the bottom of the girdle will feel more interesting than a plain old ordinary belt would. Also, even thought I'm slenderizing at the moment, I can't deny that the phrase "an amazing amount of power to control your tummy and hips," in the product description isn't part of the appeal. Most of all I'm so grateful to Pink Nylon for having the giveaway so I didn't have to wait to fulfill my girdle fantasies.


  1. My pleasure. Enjoy.

    This is an excellent selection on your part. I can't wait to hear how much you like it!

  2. Yes! Welcome to the delight of an open bottom girdle. A tip-from my experience, you'll probably need slightly shorter stockings for the girdle than you would for a garter belt. For example, in the normal RHT 15 denier Cervin 100% nylon stockings, I'll wear a size 6 for a garter belt, but a size 4 or 5 for an open bottom girdle.

  3. How comfortable is the girdle?

  4. Absolutely, the RAGO range is wonderful. Totally classy and just incredible to look at...Timeless fashion...

  5. As an older male who grew up in the era of the garter belt and girdle with ful fashioned stockings worn by women almost everyplace, everyday, I love to read about girdles, garter girdles, and garter belts making a comeback. They leave so much to the imagination of what actually is she wearing under her skirt or dress.
    Manhattan heel stockings were my favorite followed by a Cuban heel. Dark seams and dark heels on beige stockings added a classy look to the legs.If she was wearing an OBG or garter belt did she wear her panties or Directoire Knickers on the outside of the garment? It was certainly easier to use the toilet if she did.

  6. Get ready to spend a lot more money on girdles. once you wear one, you'll never want to stop. I saw a quote I really like recently: "Ladies wore girdles in the 50's and ladies need to wear girdles now!"


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