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I'm back from my week-long jaunt to Sin City and LaLa Land (also known as Las Vegas and Los Angeles to those not prone to nicknaming entire metropolitan areas) and, as a result, gained several nylon-related experiences I'll write about this week. I made a few interesting purchases before leaving on my trip, but today's post is about part of my time in Las Vegas.

For the record, the clear winner, hosiery-wise on the cocktail waitresses, shoeshine ladies and cigarette girls along The Strip is fishnet pantyhose. Other than black fishnets, I only managed to spy a few pairs of nude nylons and one pair of black fencenets (which are technically fishnets, anyway) on the ladies of Las Vegas. I was only in vogue the first night when I wore fishnets and my red platform Mary Janes to go and see Wayne Newton, who very surprisingly put on an incredible show with some help from his band and some dancers. My friend and I may have been one of the five people under 75 in the audience, but that's another story. We also chose not to enjoy the menu item, "Peanut M&M's" which I believe also enhanced our Wayne experience.

For some reason, and many of my readers will not be happy with me, I only packed nude pantyhose for the remainder of the trip. This is not a typo. I'll be waiting for the villagers with torches up at the castle. I tend to choke when it comes to dressing for warm weather and this trip seemed to think I was a frumpy 67 year old woman named Madge when I packed.

The morning after Wayne, I took a stroll along the Miracle Mile Shops in the Planet Hollywood complex and was very pleased to discover the brick-and-mortar version of Bettie Page Clothing, tucked amidst the Victoria's Secrets and American Apparels. The store wasn't huge, but it was absolutely chock-a-block with Bettie Page-inspired clothing, art, and accessories.

Me being me, I made a beeline for the stockings, which were tucked away in the back corner of the store. After a moment of terror at being faced by some Leg Avenue, I was very pleased to discover that they carried several styles each from Stockingirl and Secrets in Lace. I have to admit, I didn't espy any garter belts, but I didn't think to ask. Obviously, the mannequin in the photo above is wearing a six strap garter girdle, so my guess is that they were just in a different spot. I was on a budget while I was traveling, so I skipped picking anything up, especially since the styles they had on offer were fairly basic and I can order online, but it was fun to see those two brands on a rack in a physical store.

As, I was watching my pennies, I skipped delving too much into the merchandise in the store because I didn't want to tempt myself into being naughty, but, while my friend and a salesperson were agreeing that, "the tie makes the outfit," I couldn't resist buying a pack of playing cards with paintings of Bettie Page by Olivia on each card. I will scan some of those cards in this week and share them with you, since I can't find any decent images of them online.


  1. 1.There is a Bettie Page clothing in the Mircle Mile shops, which I walked through roughly 472 times last month?!? How did I miss that? I will now go light myself on fire...

    2.I confess that I am an absolute sucker for the cocktail waitress getup. It's most likely cheesier than the Hooters waitress uniform, but what can I say? I can't help it.

    3.Did you happen to stroll through the Pussycat Dolls Casino in Caeser's? What the dealers wear there might win the award for best uniform on the strip.

    4.Don't beat yourself up too bad about the nude pantyhose. It's quite hot there, especially once you get towards the summer month. You wanna feel comfortable when you're on vacation.

    Hope you had a good time in Vegas. I can't get enough of that place.

  2. Welcome back Lisa.

    Hope that you enjoyed your trip.

    I cannot wait until June when I head back up to the PacNW for a roadtrip and catch up with friends...

  3. Pink,

    1.You just got back and must not light yourself on fire because how will you go there the next time you're in Vegas?
    2. I love the cocktailer's outfits, too. My favorite is the black hot pants and blue satin bustiers with fishnets in the Luxor (which is an actual hellpit of a hotel). I was also THRILLED to see cigarette girls in heels saying, "Cigars, cigarettes." That just about made my life.
    3. I did go through the PCD casino, but the tables weren't open, so I missed the dealers! Dangit. Gotta go back, I guess. :)
    4. It is hot there, especially for a Seattleite. I don't know that nude pantyhose is cooler than something more awesome, but in my head it was. I think it would have been okay, but summer clothes aren't on sale yet here in Seattle so I had to mostly catalog shop and everything ended up being just frumpier than I'd pictured, but there was no time to order different stuff, so I didn't feel that comfortable when I was in Vegas for reasons different than feeling too warm.

    Overall, I had a lot of fun in Vegas. I spent a lot of time hanging out in the Bellagio pretending to be a beautiful person and had a few absolutely wonderful meals. The memories are mostly very good.

  4. chillinfoxie, thanks for the welcome. I did enjoy my trip. Sounds like you have some fun planned for June. I hope our weather is better than last June's when we had record lows. Pack socks!


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