My New Toy

black opaque faux stockings

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent it in the the Seattle sunshine, in my local multiplex, and creating a new photoblog, Tumbling Vixen for everyone to enjoy. As is my wont, the focus is on legs and beautiful women, but it is less safe-for-work than Stocking Vixen. You will receive a warning to that effect when you click through on the link and, I'd be grateful if people who do head over there would take a moment to rate how appropriate for work, the site actually is, since I don't work in an office and may have a skewed sense of what's appropriate. I've rated it as a 5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the least safe for work) but, again, my standards aren't based on office protocol. I believe that the site is fairly tame, but I definitely don't want anyone to get spanked at work because they are used to my material being a little more office-friendly.

Warnings aside, I think I've seen some of the most gorgeous photos of my entire life the last couple of days, and I do hope you all enjoy what I've collected so far.


  1. you post a great selection of classy photos, bravo!

  2. Do you know where we I can buy those stockings? You can reach me on my email, hepbv@hotmail.com

  3. ;^p Why don't you want us to get spanked at the office? What have you got against us?? :^P

    :^P Oh, I see what you mean. Never mind. ;^p

    Sincerely, and with thanks,
    Eugene T.S. Wong

  4. Nice idea Lisa, a great selection of photos there...

    I'm continually impressed by your great eye...


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