G's Beautiful Bottom in Black and White


My friend G, recently had some boudoir photography done and I asked if I could share this photograph here with all of you. Simply put, she has a spectacular ass and even better legs. If I had to describe G in two words, they would be "strong," and "sexy". I have seen grown men walk into displays at the supermarket because of her charisma and I have heard teenage boys ask her on dates from their bicycles. If manufacturers could bottle her sex appeal, many people would be in some serious trouble.

You may be wondering things about quarters and bouncing and whether such things are possible with G's beautiful bottom. Since I've touched it myself, I can tell you that indeed, yes they are...


  1. I would like to perform some additional tests, if at all possible - ohmygodisthathot!

  2. Wow! Thanks to you and her for sharing!

  3. Nice bottom.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.


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