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I had the wonderful pleasure of enjoying cupcakes and coffee today with my dear blogging friend (and now real world buddy) Treacle, who writes one of the very best nylon and lingerie blogs around, Stockings Addict.

Besides tantalizing me with tales of her gigantic stockings stash, she reminded me of the wonderful things that can be found at Etsy, a great place to find unique, beautiful handmade and vintage items of every description. She wrote here about a total score of a find on a Playtex rubber girdle.

This evening, I was perusing around and found this pin up mobile, which I thought some of you might enjoy. It sells for $30 and I think it would look very cool as they've shown it here, over a desk or perhaps a nice boudoir detail. Not so much over a crib, unless you are decorating for Dita Von Teese's baby.

For the record I love Treacle even more in person than online and she wore fabulous socks with bows on them.


  1. Where can I get that?

    I have to have it.

  2. Thanks, Lisa!

    I had a blast meeting you. You're sweeter, nicer, and funnier than I ever dreamed.

    Like you said, I think this is the start of something beautiful. :-)

  3. Oh bless you, Nick. I wrote this post while I had a blazing headache and forgot to link in the post to the Etsy store. I've created a link under the words "this pin up mobile," now, so shop away!

    Ms. Treacle, loitering in the record store with coffee and good conversation was also fun. Looking forward to the next time, you're one wonderful person.

  4. that is too cute!!! i've never seen anything like it!

  5. where are you. i miss your images.


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