Revenge, Thy Name is Lily Allen

A friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous, has a rather serious problem around the admiration of Lily Allen's legs, and he has shown he will go to desperate lengths to get his LilyFix™.

Having issues of my own around nylon and legs, I respect a person with a healthy fixation and would never dream of interfering in or provoking something of that nature. UNTIL!! Until, he broke our unspoken truce and began blogging videos that tap into a particular tingly-spot for me: the kissing of nyloned legs. For unknown reasons, just thinking about it makes me shiver and I love watching it, as well, and he KNEW IT and he preyed upon me in my state of purity and innocence...

So, this is war, Nick Danger! I am in possession of no fewer than 21 high-quality Lily Allen leg photographs, as well as the URL for an excellent Lily image site. Perhaps I will reveal them all today, or perhaps I will make you wait. This is for me to know and all of my readers to watch and enjoy.

In cyberspace no one can hear you scream.


  1. I positively, LOVE, Lilly Allen. I'm glad Nick broke your unspoken rule...

  2. Bwahahaha!!!

    I'm so glad this is the first thing I read when I got off of work. :-D

  3. Just love the Lilly Allen pics! And to have that link would be just peachy!!


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