Seams in Front?

I've had backseams on the brain lately, but it never would have occured to me to wear them with the seams at the front of the leg! It's pure genius, I tell you. These look very much like my fave Nordstrom's house brand of pantyhose/thigh highs where the "backseam" is woven into the nylon and it could definitely pass for a stripe rather than a seam.

Am I brave enough to try it and risk well-meaning strangers saying, "Lady, you've got those on backward?" Hmmm, not so sure. In theory, however this is a very cool idea.

I realize this very well may be a pair with a stripe up front and a stripe down the back, but they look SO much like the Nordie's hose, I can't help but wonder.

Edited to add: My dear blogging pal, Treacle who writes the ├╝ber-awesome Stockings Addict and who has forgotten more about hosiery than I will ever know, pointed out in the comments area, the Wolford Palomas, which are a front-seamed style and are, indeed, what I think the model above is wearing. Thank you, Treacle. (Also, look at how hot she looks in her new corset).


  1. OMG - is there a seam in back as well?

    My brain has just overheated with thoughts of the naughty situations I could get into with a girl who was wearing a pair of those!

  2. Wolford did some front seamed tights a couple of seasons ago as well. I believe they were called Paloma.

  3. This is why you are Yoda, Treacle. You have a hosiery encylopedia in your head.

    Just Googled them and I'm pretty sure that's what she has on her legs and, Look! They come in a knee high and are available on SALE at Bare Necessities.

  4. Front, back, they all look good. ;) Nice find. -EC

  5. I remember the Paloma. Those were very very nice.

  6. I love the look. It is incredibly sexy...


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