Sock Army Going Out of Biz Sale

Jenny and Christian Kittle who run Sock Army are about to welcome a baby, which means they'll too busy to decorate legs for a while, so they're shutting down the website. Everything they have in stock is 50% off and shipping is a flat $5.

I very honestly was not enamored by my sole shopping experience at Sock Army, in January, mostly because the site was not even remotely up-to-date regarding what they had in stock, but hearing now that they were on their last legs at the time and that they were in the throes of pregnancy leaves me in a more forgiving mood. I did receive my order very quickly and I loved my handmade garters, which are an item unique to Sock Army. A pair of the Black Widow garters can now be had for $6, which is a great price for something super-hep and well-made.

Check them out. At 50% off, it's hard to go wrong.


  1. It has not been three years, Nick!

  2. Oh, is that my LEG? God, I'm slow sometime. No, it's not. I got white garters with a red star on them. Very Soviet-bloc nursey.


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