Panties Over the Garter Belt FTW!

We've discussed this issue here before, but it always makes me happy to share a photo of garters worn under panties. The majority of photos of models in stockings show the straps of her garter belt going over the top of the panties. Anyone who has worn stockings in real life, learns the first time one would like to remove the undies (for a variety of reasons) but leave one's stockings on, that wearing a garter belt UNDER the knickers is the only way not to have to spend an annoying, and potentially moment-killing, amount of time undoing and redoing garter clasps.

So, consider this very sexy, yet sensible stockings photo as evidence that being practical can still be very hot.


  1. For this reason I love Rago girdles - you can roll them down for the aforesaid variety of reasons during the day.

    Thank you for bringing publicising this very practical issue.

  2. You have a great point, Sylvia and thanks for your comment. I love wearing Rago girdles, but it has never occurred to me to roll one down. I should really go to remedial Stockings Academy.


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