Whip It

I love roller derby fashion and I also happen to enjoy Drew Barrymore quite a bit. I'm rooting for her directorial
debut, Whip It, to be a big success, so thought I'd do my part to promote a film that looks good in its own right,
but also features terrific leg looks and encourages young women to be true to themselves.

a photo of roller derby girls in fishnets and socks


  1. When I first saw this movie was coming out, I thought of you.

    I knew you'd be into it!

  2. your blog is great, !!!!

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  3. Hi Stocking Vixen, I just stumbled upon your blog...looks like I have a lot to check out! Cheers,


  4. I really wanna see this movie. I love Drew and Ellen.

  5. stocking vixen i think i am falling in love with you lol :)

    trust me finding a woman with as much passion about stockings and hosiery that you have is not easy ... even in nyc

    bravo !

  6. Keith, I love Drew and Ellen, too. Thanks for the tip off on that magazine cover the other day via Twitter.

    FGD and cheesedoodle, welcome guys, so nice to see you and I'm happy you found me. Cheesedoodle, I love cheese as much as stockings, so this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. ;)

  7. if by friend you mean = stocking slave .. then im all in lol ;)

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