Pantyhose for men

One of the most vocal advocates for fashion equality when it comes to hosiery, Eugene T.S. Wong, aka Hosiery Advocate has a new photo set on Flickr. He's looking quite dapper in a green suit with hosiery. His suit has shorts instead of pants which shows his opaque tights off nicely. I love it that Eugene is out there carrying the flag for men who want to wear hose. It takes guts to be public about wanting to do anything outside the social norms and when it becomes more socially acceptable for men to wear whatever they like on their legs, we will have men like Eugene to thank for it.

Looking good, Eugene!

If you're interested in seeing more masculine images of men wearing pantyhose (also known as mantyhose), check out the rest of Eugene's photo stream, or head over to the fabulous Pantyhose for Men site at the e-MAN-cipate project. Not only can you check out some great shots of mega-hot guys in tights, but if you have a web site or social media profile, you can pick up tools to help promote the mantyhose cause.

If you're a guy interested in getting his own pair of pantyhose designed specifically for the male anatomy, head over to the Activskin website, where you can find men's pantyhose, tights, stockings and socks that are thin enough to wear under your everyday clothing. Also, be sure to check out the great story of Activskin marketing director, Steve Newman's experience wearing hosiery (including the health benefits) and how he came to work in the field on his blog, The Nylon Gene.

If anyone knows of other resources for men interested in learning more about wearing hosiery or wants to share his personal experiences wearing mantyhose, I'd love to hear more in the comments area.

Up with fashion equality!


  1. Kudos to Eugene! He's been a staunch patriot in the advocacy work for men's legwear.

  2. Hats off to Eugene! For me, it is central to my cross dressing to, well, to cross dress, and so Mantyhose hold no particular appeal. With that said, there are many ways to break down barriers.

    I will note that one of my favorite online venues for hosiery does carry a line made specifically for the fellows. So, here is an uncompensated, and completely sincere endorsement for the nice ladies at

    Men, women, and everyone in between will find a wonderful selection here.

    Cheers - Petra

  3. Thanks for your support Steve. You're pretty active in the hosiery advocacy too. For those who don't know, he's been on TV 3 or more times.

    Stocking Vixen, thanks again. :^)


  5. Well, i'm a man who wears pantyhoses and tights some time ago.I want to say that i prefer to wear women hoses, i think we men have the right to do it, as well as women wear some masculine garments as pants.
    It would be great society would accept men wearing pantyhose and other hosiery items, but it's not the case actually.
    Anyway, things seem to be changing, not only in the States but in Europe are appearing more and more companies that start to introduce pantyhose lines specially directed to masculine market, as Activskin, Levee and Gerbe.

  6. Hello, my name is Francesco, Italian, and I also wear tights .... and even lingerie.
    If you want to talk about, my e.mail address is

  7. I agree. Eugene always looks so dapper!

  8. Kudos to Stocking Vixen for helping to promote mens tights. Mens fashon is starting to step out of the bland and into the light. And I beleve the termonolgy will have a lot of impact as well (Tights / Hosery vs Mantyhose).

    Thanks again,

  9. I also wear pantyhose daily, but I find the "male" phose to be of low quality and very expensive.

  10. If you like pictures of hot guys in tights, check out this one along with the little story...

  11. I'm gonna admit that tights on men is not exactly my thing but pantyhose can look masculine. Or at least I'm convinced now. What a great way to add some color to a basic outfit.

  12. Nice of you that you have mentioned men in pantyhose ;-)

  13. The only people making negative comments about males wearing alternate clothing are women. Seems Freud was right . . .

  14. Pantyhose and tights look good on everyone, not just women.


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