Stockings Photo and Happy Holidays

While I'm rushing about doing some holiday preparations, I wanted to be sure to do two things. The first is to encourage you to enter the very cool Playful Promises lingerie giveaway that my friend,  Treacle, is doing on her newly renamed blog. The giveaway runs through the 31st and you can enter as often as you like, so hop over to win some supa-pretty lingerie.

The second is to wish all of you a very happy holiday season and wonderful new year. My present to you is a new photo that I had taken a couple of weekends ago as part of a set for the new nylon website, which will be launching very soon. I'm very excited we'll soon all be able to share what's been under wraps and have lots of fun together. You may have wanted a tie, but they were out of them.

This has been a great year for me and the people I've met writing this blog have been a huge part of that. Whether you have become my friend, or you just read what I write, I'm grateful for the time and support you give to me and to nylon.

Happy Hols!


  1. Thanks, Chica.

    Happy holidays to you too, and I can't wait to see what's in store. :-)

  2. Awesome pic!!! Can't wait for the new 'site

  3. Happy Holidays Lisa. We have missed your postings...Looking forward to your new site...

  4. Happy New Year to u!! although this came a lil late and i think hols' over... anyway, nice blog u have here!! keep it up! cheers...

  5. Damn, I love those legs! Just have to come back and look at them again and again.

  6. this photo is so's your Twitter picture now, right?
    xoxo alison

  7. This is kinda random, but have you ever considered getting a Formspring account? It could be a cool new way of interacting with your readership. Take a look at

    Just an idea... =]


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