Stockings Over Pantyhose

I posted some new photos of hosiery at Flickr tonight including this experiment in loose stockings over fleur de lis pantyhose with knee boots. I think the photograph doesn't do it justice and I liked it much more in real life. The stox are the infamous DIY thigh highs and once they'd rolled down to their happy place, they were content to stay in place. I like it that the black stocking extends the length of the boot. I'm just not 100% sold on the look. Experimenting is fun, however, and sharing with all of you is even more fun.



  1. I think I want to try that look. Did it come out kind of like floppy over-the-knee socks on top of tights?

  2. I like the look, but I would be interested in seeing how it would look with boots in a contrasting color -- red or white, perhaps.

  3. what did you think of the fluer de lys tights? I got them and was quite disappointed.

  4. Probably very dependent on the skirt that you are wearing...

    But with boots I thin this outfit works...

    Nice inventive selection Lisa...

  5. question: is it OK if I'm completely in lust with you? Just checking ;)

  6. (assuming you don't mind a chick being in lust with you, that is)


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