Pan Am Girdle and Stockings Photos (Screenshots)

I finally caught the first episode of Pan Am on Hulu after being very interested in how realistic the show would be around the Pan Am stockings and girdle wardrobe requirements of the time. Obviously, being somewhat (a teeny-bit...) obsessed with stockings, I would have loved to see lots of scenes focused around the lingerie, but I have to admit that for a mainstream show, they made sure to mention those girdles fairly often and in multiple scenes.

The scene above with Kelli Garner in a Rago garter girdle, getting dressed for her sister's wedding is the only scene in episode one of Pan Am that actually shows you any of the cast in lingerie or with stocking tops, but my bet is that the producers will probably sneak in a scene or two like this in each episode. I'll be staying tuned and will update you guys on any spectacular stockings sightings.

For those of you have seen more than one show, please let us know in the comments if there's anything good to look forward to in upcoming episodes!

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  1. Those are great screen shots indeed. Check out my blog for screen shots of Margot Robbie from episode three. Overall I think the girdle and nylon quotient has been somewhat conservative thus far on the show.


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